Piemonte, Italia via Melbourne, Australia

  When I was younger, I would bake every weekend, inspired by weekly episodes of The Great British Bake Off. I would eagerly anticipate each issue of Gourmet Traveller, my passport to culinary exploration. Due to my European heritage, I have never felt restricted to cooking stereotypical Australian cuisine. In fact, I self-identity as a … More Piemonte, Italia via Melbourne, Australia

Haute Cuisine

Haute Cuisine chronicles the real-life story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch, represented by the character Hortense Laborie, during her tenure as the first female private chef of the French President. The film, under cover of fiction, reveals the truth about Mazet-Delpeuch’s challenging experiences at the presidential palace.  It confronts critical themes in French cuisine, as discussed by … More Haute Cuisine

Valencia, España

Valencia, internationally renowned as the home of paella, is equally proud of its horchata, I learned from locals. Horchata is a cold beverage made from ground tiger nuts, water and sugar. It was developed by the ancient Egyptians and brought to Valencia during the Moorish rule of the 8th to 13th centuries. Horchata is a refreshing … More Valencia, España

Lygon Street, Melbourne

Recently I undertook a walk along Lygon Street, Melbourne’s first Italian foodscape, established by migrants in the 1950s.   Despite the introduction of other food cultures, the street largely retains its Italian origins. As I walked, I smelled roasting coffee beans from cafes and wafts of garlic and tomato from kitchens. I heard Italian spoken … More Lygon Street, Melbourne

Milano, Italia

  As I arrived in Milan, awestruck by this stylish, cosmopolitan city, the taxi driver instructed me to do one thing during my visit: “Eat ossobuco”. Ossobuco, which translates to ‘hollow-bone’, is a stew of braised veal shank. The meat is cooked with sofrito (slow-cooked onions, celery and carrot), white wine and stock and garnished … More Milano, Italia